Rialto Furniture is a full-service office furniture manufacturer. Based in New York, Rialto provides made-to-order, handcrafted furniture, upholstery and refurbishing to clients throughout the United States. Combining the dedication to service you expect from a family-run business with capabilities typical of a major manufacturer, Rialto has earned a reputation for delivering the highest quality work, on time, on spec and on the money.

Founded in 1939, Rialto has specialized in both furniture-making and upholstery for over 60 years. Our principals, Ted and Marianne Hovivian lead a team of technical and sales professionals whose knowledge of the industry—and your needs—is unmatched in the business. Throughout our history, Rialto has been an environment where old-world craftsmanship is nurtured and supported by state-of-the-art technologies and systems. Today, our heritage of artisanship stands ready to take on all the challenges of today and tomorrow.

At Rialto, we keep watch over all the variables and keep you abreast of the information you need to maintain the smoothest relations with your client. To make your life easier, we offer the option of a single, all-inclusive purchase order for the most complicated project. And because we know that timely and thorough intelligence is the very essence of successful project management, we’ve developed a comprehensive communications system that includes Rialto Updates available through every phase of your project.

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